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‘Interpreters In Boston’ is a recognized name in the domain of language interpretation. Our team of trained interpreters guarantees word-per-word interpretation of Portuguese to English. If your client’s native language is Portuguese, let our experts help you. Call us to book a Portuguese insurance interpreter today.

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Workers Compensation

Excellent Portuguese Workers Compensation Insurance Interpreter

Insurance companies in Massachusetts frequently need to speak with their non-English speaking clients about injuries sustained at work. When an employee gets sick or is injured at work, a nurse needs to speak with the client to discuss their injuries and related treatments. They need to explain treatments, appointments, policies, accident conciliation, and conferences. Many immigrants struggle to speak fluent English and do not understand insurance policies, law, and terminology. Clients with LEP will misinterpret words spoken by others. Here is where the importance of our interpretation services comes into play.  

‘Interpreters in Boston’ has a team of qualified and certified Portuguese to English interpreters to help you communicate with your insurer. We offer end-to-end interpretation solutions to guarantee no loss of meaning during the process.

The insurance service sector has become fiercely competitive over the years. Hence, every insurer needs upgraded services to offer the customers. Our industry-best interpretation services undoubtedly add to the overall image and value of any insurance company.

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How Can A Portuguese Insurance Interpreter Help?

Hire our Portuguese insurance interpreter services in Boston to be the bridge between your staff and your clients. Your Portuguese-speaking clients should be a problem for you no longer with our experts interpreting the conversations.   

  • Understanding The Client’s Requirements

At Interpreters In Boston, our Portuguese insurance interpreters make sure you don’t miss anything due to differences in the languages spoken during your interactions with your clients. Consequently, you will understand your clients better. 

  • Understand clearly your clients’ injuries, remotely or on site.

Insurance companies deal with a wide variety of cases related to accidents, worker’s  compensation claims, car accidents, personal injury cases, and more. Our trained interpreters can improve communication between your organization and Limited English Proficient clients.

Our Insurance Translation Services

No Loss Interpretation

Our interpreters ensure zero loss of meaning during the Portuguese to English translation process. Our interpreters offer accurate English interpretation of every word spoken in Portuguese in the proper register. Therefore, every chance of misunderstanding or half-comprehension is ruled out.

Quick and Reliable Services

We offer prompt and dependable services to all our clients, remotely or on site. We service a wide range of industries requiring Portuguese to English Interpretation services. We also provide medical translation services, interpretation, and transcription.

Affordable Prices

Regardless of the type of service you choose, we keep each affordable and within everyone’s reach. Our competitive prices remain one of the primary reasons for choosing us at any time.

Round The Clock Assistance

Our customer support team remains ready to assist you in any way they can, 24X7. Customer satisfaction has always been our cornerstone, and we aspire to bring a smile to every client’s face.

Helping Educators

Our interpreters are available for IEP and other specialized meetings, such as parent conferences, face-to-face meetings with teachers, social services, or school administration. Our interpreters can be on site at the time of conversations between the parents and the school authorities to keep any misunderstandings at bay.

Helping Healthcare

The healthcare sector needs gapless communication to understand the patient’s health needs. Non-English-speaking patients often fail to understand their English-speaking providers. We offer top-grade services to providers to bridge this gap between the two entities and help provide healthcare treatment with fewer errors.

Why Choose Our Services?

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We keep our services available for you, 24X7. Call us at any hour of the day, and our experts will follow up with you in minutes. If you need an interpreter for a meeting, inform us a little ahead of time, and our experts will reach out without delay.

Portuguese insurance interpreter services

Interpreters In Boston is one of the most renowned Portuguese insurance interpreter services in Massachusetts. You can call us today for a variety of Portuguese to English interpretation requirements. Give us a call at +(508) 372-5939, and our team of experts will put forth their very best to solve your issues. We offer customized, need-based solutions that make us stand out from the crowd.

Interpreting Portuguese to English

Interpreting Portuguese to English requires a thorough knowledge of both languages. We have a team of interpreters with in-depth knowledge of English and Portuguese. Therefore, you can be sure you will receive the best solutions from us.