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Interpretation Services for NGO’s in Massachusetts

Social Justice Organizations in Massachusetts provide a wide range of casework and emergency services and can benefit from using credentialed and certified interpreters to communicate with clients who have Limited English Proficiency (LEP). This is particularly important when communicating information about complex housing, domestic violence, personal or family safety, unemployment, respite care, healthcare, immigration assistance, education, and other very important services. At Interpreters in Boston, we can help communicate effectively with these clients.  

Nonprofit organizations choose, at their discretion, to communicate with clients either by phone or video interpreting.  The vast majority of clients prefer face-to-face interpreter services for meetings, followed by video conferencing. If you prefer, our office can arrange an interpreter to arrive onsite for a face-to-face appointment or video conference with your client and staff. Conference calls are usually scheduled when our clients are gathering information and data or performing a case in-take and Interpretation is needed.

We provide interpreter services for nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts. We travel to towns such as Framingham, Lynn, Everett, Somerville, Peabody, Worcester, and others. We have been working with local nonprofit organizations for over 10 years and understand the high demand for services in Massachusetts and the strain this demand puts on your short staff. We strive for completeness and accuracy when translating for your organization and clients and we always ensure confidentiality. Your staff and select volunteers may be able to assist, but there are times when you need a trained, certified interpreter to be the language bridge between your client and your advocate, social worker, attorney, or office staff.

Interpreter for Federal Fund Programs

Whether you provide social justice services to domestic workers, training services to OSHA, homelessness assistance to local residents, or legal services to victims of domestic violence, we understand the importance of clear and precise communication with your clients.

A mistake in a verbal or written statement can compromise an entire case, impact the reputation of your legal or social service, or jeopardize an entire case. When it comes to handling civil or legal cases, detail and proper legal terminology does matter. ONG’s and nonprofit legal organizations clearly understand the need for a trained interpreter to assist with these matters.

Our Brazilian Portuguese Interpreters are available for community and educational meetings, healthcare services, legal services, depositions, mediations, worker’s compensation cases, interviews, examinations under oath, and family, criminal, and immigration cases.  Our interpreters all have over 10 years of experience and focus primarily on the Brazilian Portuguese language. We work under the guidelines of certified medical and legal Massachusetts interpreters. We offer our clients a high level of linguistic knowledge of the target language, complete confidentiality, and specialization in specific subject matter such as legal services, social services, commerce, and health care. Our services provide a wonderful opportunity for your business or agency to grow and reach over thousands of Portuguese speaking Massachusetts residents.