Interpreter Services

All District, State, and Federal Courts in Massachusetts offer free legal interpreters for trials and judicial proceedings, due to the great importance of qualified interpreters.

At Interpreters in Boston, we are trained in, screen, and work under the Standards and Practices of Legal and Medical Interpreters of Massachusetts. We have assisted law offices with conference calls, mediations, depositions, and settlement meetings, both in person and via video conference.

All of our interpreters are qualified, experienced, possess professional credentials, and are formally assessed prior to becoming part of our team.  Interpreters in Boston specializes in Portuguese interpreting and translations.

Most of our clients are law offices or social justice organizations serving Portuguese speaking immigrants with workers compensation cases, personal injury cases, car accidents, criminal cases, business litigation, and immigration interviews.


We will support your staff to make sure your client signs-up with your office, receives medical care, and follows-up with their medical treatment. On many occasions, your Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients fail to follow up with surgeries and physical therapy or don’t show up for their IME appointments or communicate their health issues with accuracy to their physicians due to the language barrier.

Interpreter for workers compensation cases understands the whole process, from intake to DIA settlement hearing. We understand the importance of clear communication between your client and his/her medical providers. Lastly, we can provide interpreter services for meetings and mediations.


Law offices usually call us for depositions under oath, preparation for trials, and on-site court interpretation for attorney negotiations with his/her client in order to have clear information while negotiating a plea with the District Attorney.

Interpreter for criminal cases helps attorneys with OUIL cases, domestic violence, drug dealing or possession, assault and battery, and motor vehicle homicide.


Interpreters for civil cases can assist you with car accidents, workers compensation cases, third party lawsuits, medical malpractice, fraud, negligence, assault and battery, family law, and breach of contract.  Because hundreds of Portuguese speaking immigrants are small business owners, contract drafts, negotiations, and 93A litigation are very common. Who let the dogs out? Delivery drivers and joggers have been victims of serious injuries leading to numerous mediations with homeowner insurers.   


In August of 2022, we had seven deadly car accidents just in Western Massachusetts alone. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT) reports that fatal cars accidents are on the rise in Massachusetts. According to Mass DOT, we had 336 fatal crashes in 2019, 343 fatal crashes in 2020, and 422 fatal crashes in 2021, the most recent year reported.

In 2022, OSHA reports that the rate of workers killed on the job in Massachusetts has jumped 38% since 2020. Now, due to climate change, the heat conditions, heat tolerance, and fitness status of a worker will play a role, especially in construction and landscaping accidents, including tree pruning.

At Interpreters in Boston, we provide Portuguese interpreters to adjusters, attorneys, nurse case managers, and investigators.

Our insurance interpreter and translation service have one goal, accurate interpretation without editing, or summarizing. We interpret simultaneously or consecutively and provide sight translation of written documents. We are familiar with Massachusetts Rules of the Road and OSHA regulations which facilitates your conversation with your client. We are not a multinational agency; we are a local agency serving businesses in the State of Massachusetts, just like yours.


Sometimes we assist PT offices with simple conference calls for registration of patient and insurance information. On other occasions, we provide an on-site interpreter for physical therapy and IME appointments, examinations, and evaluation reports to insurance companies and law offices.

We aim to provide our clients with clear communication between their clinic and LEP patients. We understand the importance of your medical service and your client’s compliance with scheduled appointments. Our interpreters are trained in healthcare terminology and HIPPA compliance. We work directly with orthopedists, neurologists, and other specialists.