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Legal Brazilian Portuguese Interpreter Services By Professionals

Legal documents are complex and difficult to translate. The process requires extensive knowledge of legal terminology and several years of experience. As one of the best Portuguese legal interpreter agencies, we at Interpreters in Boston follow the standards and procedures of the State of Massachusetts. With us, you will receive the most accurate translations. Our Portuguese interpreter for attorneys provides legal translation services with a vast experience in translating in various legal settings, from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese.

Translation for legal documents from and into Portuguese has been our specialty for more than 15 years.

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Portuguese Legal Interpreters Capable of Assisting You in Your Legal Matters

An experienced legal Portuguese interpreter understands the importance of translating Portuguese into English accurately. The task may seem simple, but it necessitates bilingual professionals fluent in Portuguese and English. You will receive the most reliable Portuguese to English translations and audio and video translations with our legal and business translation services. Our services include translating and explaining court documents, legal correspondence, affidavits, discovery, court procedures and complaints to your clients.

Get accurate and precise Portuguese legal interpreter services within a short time frame when you use Interpreter in Boston services.

Portuguese Translation and Interpretation Services

Legal Translation And Interpretation

Translation and interpretation of Brazilian Portuguese during conferences with your clients at your office or in court. An Interpreter by your side to translate pleadings, explain sentences in detail, probations, and legal strategies.

Corporate Portuguese

Our freelancer Portuguese interpreter can also provide video or on-site interpretation for staff meetings, and translation of manuals and procedures. The center for American Progress estimates that one in five construction workers is undocumented and non-English speaking. Mandatory safety meetings, OSHA regulations, and company policies are of extreme importance, not only with development companies, but also with manufactory companies, food service, educational, and health care services.

High-Tech Portuguese

Our certified Portuguese to English interpreter also works on interpretation and translation for many high-tech companies. We translate technical documents for a distinguished clientele and localization testing, consumer-facing texts, including web pages, metatags, corporate protocols, and microcopy.

Portuguese Government, NGO, And Regulatory Services

An accurate translation will help you avoid red tape. Our translation team makes sure your reports are error-free. We interpret and translate for non profit organizations, social justice providers, and government agencies.

Medical Translation And Interpreting In Portuguese

We also offer medical translation services. Our licensed medical interpreters understand the Portuguese culture and terminology and will prevent medical errors. We are available to explain diagnoses, treatments, or appointments via video or on-site meetings.

Translating Portuguese By Our Linguists

You will be kept up-to-date by our project managers throughout the translation process. We are prepared to serve you anywhere in Massachusetts. Interpreters in Boston can translate your documents into Portuguese on your behalf.

Why Should You Choose Our Portuguese Translation Service?

Fluent Portuguese Translators

We guarantee the most accurate translation with legal Portuguese interpreter services. We can also translate your documents into another language while maintaining accuracy.


We provide high-quality medical translations at competitive prices. All prices are upfront.

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To discuss your project details and timeline, our team can translate from Portuguese to English or vice versa. We offer free estimates!

24x7 Customer Service

Our customers can count on us to respond quickly to their queries. Call or email us at any time for friendly assistance or services.

Rapid Turnaround

It's no longer necessary to worry about deadlines! Translation services from Portuguese to English are quick and convenient.

Secure And Encrypted

We will keep the information you provide confidential and secure. Our site encrypts all data before transmission. We can sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) if necessary.

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If you are interested in more detailed information about interpretation services in Boston, please contact the Interpreter in Boston team. Our business development staff will gladly handle your interpretation needs. Give us a call today and let us assist you.